About me

Hello lovely people!
Welcome to Classyversatility. I am Marielle and this is for everything fashionable and more. I am a twenty something year old beauty and fashion blogger who loves everything stylish and is not a firm believer of trends. I believe in being comfortable wearing whatever one desires when they want no matter what the season. My blog mainly focuses on creating different styles with the same pieces of clothing ( sort of recycling) and giving beauty tips such as useful diy facial masks using ingredients you would find in your kitchen etc… I started this blog because as a college student on the budget, I know the struggle of always wanting to look great, but not always being able to afford all that we want, and I know others (whether in college or not) face the same problem, so I decided to share all the tips and tricks I learn over the years with all those who need them. I, like most females love to shop, but I especially love a good bargain and get overly excited when I find an incredible piece at an unbelievable price. I also am deeply involved in natural, organic beauty treatments and love sharing tips and tricks on those as well. Throughout this journey, I will engage in different subjects and will from time to time feature some male fashion and other women of different age groups on the feature page. The purpose of the blog is not to show that I am an experienced fashionista, but just a regular person who has a tremendous passion for beauty and fashion and tries to inspire as many people as possible. It takes a lot of learning, mistakes, and failed experiences to become a professional and so as I begin my journey, I encourage you to join me. I also urge my readers to get involved and suggest any topics they would like to discuss.

**I use affiliate links on my site, so if you click on one of them, and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. I also receive free items to review or promote which are always stated in the posts, but be assured that my opinions on them are always honest.

A little about me: I am Ivorian currently residing in New York City. I am a young professional and graduated with my Bachelor degree in International Business. I am very positive and like to think of myself as a versatile person style wise.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy and get the most out of your journey with me, and remember “Stay classy”

P.S: I post every Wednesdays at 3 pm so be on the look out for it. Also, visit and follow my Instagram page @classyversatility for updates on occasional random posts.

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